Saturday 7 April 2012

A Vintage Easter

The Easter Bunny is on his way...

is that a Wicker Bike Basket on his back?

We adore this vintage illustration and would like to collect old memorabilia / images  of characters on pushbikes. If you have any images please share them with us on Facebook, Pininterest  or Twitter 

Image shared by @lovelybicycle


Friday 6 April 2012

Easter Chicks, cycle rides & homemade Hot Cross Buns

Homemade for breakfast today!
                 Hope you all enjoy a relaxing Easter weekend - we'll be pedalling off these later today ;)


Tuesday 13 March 2012

Mums the Word - Make her smile this mothers day

Make the most of Mothers Day 
Have fun and bring some sunshine into her life; get her out and about! 

Why not take her on a cycle ride to her favourite cafe....or join one of the many UK Cycle Routes, Forestry Commission Rides or National Trust locations.

"We had the best time ever - I don't think we've shared anything like this in years; it's really bought us closer together" - Emma W
Mum's wish list...make one at
If you're looking for a gift that will make her smile...

a gift that will take her places...

a gift that shows you care....

Retro Corsages & Wicker Baskets
Make a statement with our gorgeous bike flowers - we have garlands to drape, flowers to clip and retro corsages to adorn!

There's nothing better than showing you care - finding that small thing that will say the words you often forget 
' Thank's Mum'
Great gifts, great prices and beautifully wrapped just for you x
 Give yourself the gift of a healthier pedal at a time :)
 estate in Bury are raising money for Suffolk Breakthrough Breast Cancer by paying to put a Mothers Day heart message in the window

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Looking Good & Feeling Great :)

Still looking for an energising programme that will transform your shapeFrom Boyfriend to Curvy - a pushbike fits all...

If like me you're the first to speed read new weight loss programmes whilst slowly demolishing the last few biscuits; you'll love our theory on a healthier, leaner lifestyle...

Wellbeing and Cycling go hand in hand

Waking up energised and feeling 'on top of the world' has been an added bonus to me. Don't get me wrong I don't dress in Lycra or 'spin' miles; my approach is to simply cycle and walk when the day fits.
Now I actually notice the buds on the trees, feel the sunlight on my face;, look out for the snow clouds. I feel in tune with life and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

The Facts
A recent UK study showed that cycling for just 30mins a day could burn over 11lb of fat a year *- good news then for commuters! ...and for those of us on the 'leisurely road to fitness' a little excercise each day not only boosts our aerobic fitness but helps keep us trim.

Mixing low impact exercise like walking and cycling will keep you going. I find it's easier to meet up with a friend. That way you can keep up to date socially, have a good laugh and improve your longevity - it's a win win situation!

Cycling at 90
It's not everyday you meet a real gentleman, and not every day you share a story with someone who has loved cycling since the second world war. This chap first started cycling a Dutch bike in 1943 and is one of our pushbikehoney fans! He commented on the style and quality of our hand-crafted Honey Bee: "I hav'nt seen a bike made like this for years - she's a beauty- a classic bicycle"

Give yourself the gift of a healthier pedal at a time :) with


Monday 13 February 2012

Romantic Picnics- Love is in the air with

Valentine Picnics to Enjoy
Warming recipes & family fun

Love is in the Air
Take to the outdoors this week and wrap up a warming picnic for two.
You may think cycling together is a non starter with the current cold weather but we really love sharing time with friends and family in the fresh air.

"Theres nothing like a picnic on a cold day - its a chance to really spoil your friends and makes the day special"-Penny

Our insulated bike bag
We love warm sausages, bacon and red onion in crusty bread with chunky vegetable soup. 'I wrap the sandwiches in foil then snuggle them into our insulated bike bag wrapped in tea towels' 

Food for Fun Days
Best served warm outside with pushbikes this freeze ahead recipe is a pushbikehoney family favourite.
Becky's Cornish Pasty by the sea

Why not try our favourite Homemade Cornish Pasty recipe:

  • Pack of ready made pastry (life's too short)
  • 200g small potatoes
  • 200g lean stewing beef
  • 1 red onion
  • 100g swede
  • salt & pepper & beaten egg to glaze

Use left over pastry to cut out hearts to decorate pasties for valentines!
Pre-heat oven to 220 /Gas 7. Slice the peeled potatoes and swede into thin chunks. Keep the chunks in cool water to ration moisture whilst preparing the meat and onions. Trim any fat or gristle from the meat leaving a little of the veining for flavour. Dice the meat into 1cm chunks. Finely slice the onion.  To make up the pasties divide the pastry into 6 equal portions and role out into a circle- I use a small plate as a cutting guide.
Add the onion and swede on one half of the pastry circle and season with plenty of salt and pepper. Add the meat making sure its a decent portion & top with a layer of potato then sprinkle with pepper. Moisten the edge of the pastry and fold the circle in half to make a pasty shape; crimping the edges by folding over and over to make a rope edge.
Place the pasties on baking paper and brush with beaten egg to glaze.
You can add pastry hearts or any decoration. bake for just 15 mins until browned then reduce the heat to 180/ gas 4 for another 15 mins. Best served warm, outside with pushbikes!

Have a great Half Term from us all x

Want to know more about the Good Life & Green Gym?>

Tuesday 24 January 2012

First Frost, Stormy Weather, Good Friends & Latte

First Frost, Stormy Weather, Friends & Latte

After weeks of frosty weather I woke to English drizzle and grey sky...enough to dampen any commuter!
But after adding a rainy day saddle cover to my bike, and opting for a classic trench coat with cosy black boots I headed out. Remaining stylish and dry in wet muggy weather is a challenge on two wheels.
My journey, though splashy, was actually pleasant, firstly it was milder and secondly my saddle cover had saved me from the dreaded 'wet bottom' experience.

On arrival I was very rosy cheeked (face), wet booted, a spring in my step and cycle happy. The lap top was stored safe and dry in mypanniers and all I needed to kick start the day was a large coffee...
Within minutes of sitting at my desk the text messages started:
"Just rode into work 4 first time and it's wet! Thanx love my saddle cover"

"Poncho kept me n' saddle dry n happy"

"So impressed - no wet patch- and my lunch kept dry too"

...and they keep coming in - its a great feeling to share the start of the day with more stormy weather blues...just which saddle cover to choose.....

We've got some great new designs to update your bike or just keep your saddle dry. Start the new year in style with pushbikehoney

"Best Gift this Christmas was a saddle cover to match my bike bag - arrived beautifully wrapped, Thank you "

Mix and match with our pick n' mix rainy day selection! x

Sunday 28 August 2011

Pushbikehoney featured in The Times this weekend

Best of British
We are delighted to be featured in this weekend's The Times. They, like you, adore our boutique cycle collections, and are simply dotty about our polka dot saddle covers, ding dong bells and helmets.

take a look>

Every Day's a Happy Day with