Friday, 17 September 2010

Tour Of Britain with Pushbike Honey's

Pushbikes, Heals and Lycra
Pushbike Honey took a lead part in The Tour Of Britain by escorting the Teams out of the Suffolk Heritage Town Bury St Edmunds.

The Pushbike Honey's jumped at the chance to cycle through the streets in style. Lollipops and stickers were handed out to the onlookers in true 'Tour de France' style.

Ding Dong!
Plenty of cheering, bell ringing and wolf whistles followed as the Honey Team took position in front of the Lycra clad Team.
"What a treat - you made my day" PC Nick

The pushbikes were decorated with clip on funky flowers, saddle covers and panniers in pinks, blues and white...
Dressed in long romantic white skirts, retro helemets and heals the girls made a lifestyle statement "Come on girls get Cycling!" they cheered to encourage ladies of all ages to get pedaling.

"Cycling promotes well being and happiness, you don't have to be lycra clad, just enjoy the the fresh air and get out there"

Highlights can be seen on ITV4 and BBC Look East

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