Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween Fun

Trick or Treat by Pushbike

When half term is wet and dull there is nothing better than celebrating Halloween with friends and family.
This year we are going for a dark bike ride to a friends rambling home on the edge of an Abbey Grave Yard filled with tumbling Victorian headstones and twisted Yew trees...we're taking an Autumn picnic and mulled wine packed into our panniers and baskets for a spooky night of fun.

Getting SpOOky
Ideas to decorate our bikes, including LED mini lights, spider webbing and the odd plastic bat or spider are keeping the younger ones busy; whilst the rest are busy making fantastic Lanterns from re-cycled jam jars, paper, tissue, and wire.

Kids of all ages (yes including me) enjoy anything that involves a bit of Blue Peter spirit...

Why not organise your own spooky pushbike ride?

You could strap a skeleton onto the back rack of your bike or add a pumpkin to your basket... Lots of local parks organise Halloween events and
The National Trust have Halloween Family Fun Events for all the family near you.

pushbike inspiration
GHOULISH cycle ride...

Panniers laden with treats are a great way to get the kids involved - get them active but keep them safe by using cycle routes, paths and tracks.

Reflective clothing can be customised - get creative and add Skulls or Bats in black felt onto waistcoats; you can glue them on or sew them with tacking thread.
Not creative? Take a look at ASDA's Halloween costumes...

Halloween & Bonfire Night Family Fun
Why not cycle to a local firework display or organise your own party. Pushbikes laden with homemade goodies add to the sparkle of the evening.

Children will be full of fun and anticipation on arrival, the fresh air and cycling adding a healthy glow to their faces.

Our panniers can be filled with warm blankets, homemade goodies and autumn punch in the chill bag - it can keep food hot too!

Favourite AUTUMN recipe

WE LOVE Nigella's Slime Soup - its very easy to make and despite it's name tastes great try out this recipe...

500g frozen peas
1 spring onion
750ml boiling water
chicken or vegetable stock cube

Cook the frozen peas, chopped spring onion & stock in boiling water until tender. Then simply add it all to a blender (best to do this in batches or the kitchen will become a Slime Zone!) - blend to make the velvety slimy soup and add to flasks for an Autumn picnic!
Makes around 1 litre

Recipe from Nigella Lawsons FEAST

BASIL Blue Gingham Panniers and our Pannier Chill Bag that fits snugly inside making shopping and picnics easy.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pushbike Style -this seasons cycle chic customer

Bike Belle Spotlight
After a fantastic summer and meeting so many of you we decided to start a regular Bike Belle Spotlight focusing on a new pushbikehoney customer every month or so.

In Town with...

Cyclist: Bonk
Bike: Retro Cream Honey Bee, 3 speed with carrier
Accessories: Basil Blossom Panniers, Large Cambridge Wicker Basket, Pannier Chill Bags

This week we'd like to introduce you to Bonk (I know- great name) a busy 'super mum' of three she runs her own Pilates Studio and lives just outside the cycling mecca of Cambridge.

Buying a pushbike has changed my life for the better she says, after purchasing our retro Honey Bee earlier this year. The gorgeous retro bike was handmade to order, ideal if you are not a standard height (Bonk is a leggy blond!) she chose a wicker large basket and carrier together with pretty panniers to support her busy lifestyle.

Cycling clears my head, helps my posture and makes me smile!

How far she cycles a day – 4 miles to and from work – shopping on the way home.

The classic wide handlebars provide support and open my chest releasing tension stored in my shoulders and upper back'

LOVE the LifestyleCycle to work day – I carry class plans, books, change of clothes and the usual essentials for all us ladies!!!! Still lots of storage space free in my roomy panniers!

A ride on Flossy wakes me up to face the day feeling happy!

Weekly shopping day – My panniers are stacked high and thank god for my basket – as I chose to have the basket rack fitted as an extra on my bike – the weekly shop poses no problem – and once the basket is full roundabouts are not the usual dice with death that they used to be with the traditional basket pulling at the handlebars!! I wouldn’t be without my rack!!! I have even cycled home with my 18year old daughter sitting on the rack with the basket on her lap – quite a sight and hard work on the hills!!!
Leather Boots: FLY LONDON from Javelin
Blue fleece that matches her panniers!

My favourite things... if you ask my kids – they would say “Flossy” – yes I have named my gorgeous cream retro bike – apparently I love her more than any of them !! Why I wonder - is it because in a house of teenagers she is the only one who is home on time – goes to bed when told – is ready for work in the morning – helps with the shopping – when distressed merely rings her bell and never whines about going out for a blast of fresh air with me!!
If only I could persuade my dalmation to ride in her basket !!

Breakthrough Breast Cancer: I am part of the Suffolk Breakthrough Team. The Funky Pink Clip on Rose from Pushbikehoney adds some fun to my retro bike - 20% of every purchase goes to Breakthrough.

Green Living As a keen runner cycling Flossy to work has been a revelation – all the benefits of the run without the need for a shower on arrival – my mind is clear – my mood lifted – no road rage as I just glide my way past the jams – and the biggest smile on my face to start the day and the same in reverse at the end of the day – what more could I ask for – well in truth – less cobbles on East Street – nearly lost all my chocolate cup cakes on the way home last week (present from client). When I start to think of the perks of Flossy ownership the list is endless – no fuel costs – car left free for 18 year old daughter – no school run – what “cool” teenage boy is going to hitch a ride on my rack? So my not driving everyday has led to my kids walking more – as I no longer just pop them to school on my way to work – its a win win situation! No parking charges in town – just lock her up and wander off (although I worry that she’ll be ok whilst I’m gone – has Flossy become my fourth child?)

Rainy Day Blues? But the big question is - am I just a fair weather cyclist – watch this space – I bought Flossy in May so this will be my first winter – I’ll keep you informed.

Whats on her Xmas wish list?
Rainy Day saddle cover

Pilates with Bonk?
Pilates Studio contact: Bonk 

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Its a beautiful day

Today the sunlight has a beautiful warm tone that makes my daily commute a delight; especially when I can take a slow amble through the park before whizzing once more past all those stationary cars...

Time out
Heading off this morning after the normal mad morning 'rush hour' at home (a gaggle of Teens to get out of the door with school bags, sports kits, bikes etc) I decided I needed some 'time out' before heading into the office.

Taking the slow road
Cycling through Town I take the time to chose the 'slow road' - a walk through the local park.
The contrast between the busy streets and the refreshing gardens is welcoming. I stop, get off my bike and WALK - something that to be honest doesn't happen that often as I am almost stuck to the pedals! The Flowerbeds are getting new stock, the bells are chiming and the start of the day feels really rather special...and already I've forgotten that mad parent 'rush hour' and feel refreshed and content.

This morning I take time to visit the Ducks - rather moody as no bread in my basket today! but still interested enough to make me smile. They have found a puddle to use as a makeshift bath and despite peoples attention refuse to move even for bikes and buggies.
Of course stuck in a car its difficult to see that cycling offers such freedom but as I whizz by I know I am giving both my mind and body a well being blitz that is the best way to kick start the day. read more>

The High Life
I've decided theres really nothing wrong in making the most of your commute. I've learnt over the last years that going by bike offers me far more choices. For instance I can stop by the Coffee Bar and meet up with friends, pick up the paper or lunch on the way or just take some essential 'time out' to destress, evaluate and plan the day ahead.

Here's to the cycle to work scheme! read more>
Long may you commute by bike
Use the Green Gym - it's FREE read more>

Go Green Go By Bike...and feel all the better for it!

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