Friday, 23 July 2010

Out of the office with Pushbike Honey

A grown up love affair

Imagine a romantic tete a' tete, a picnic on the beach, midnight cycling, lazy pedalling to your favourite little restaurant or an alfresco dinner for two...
At my age I should know better, but the allure of a retro pushbike, some free time and fresh air after a hard week in the office is too seductive..

When was the last time you felt the grass between your toes or cycled barefoot along a forgotten track?

Retro Romance is the latest lifestyle Fashion. A sort of shabby chic meets Mills & Boon on two wheels. Pushbike Honey Classic Pushbikes, and Dutch bikes have all the elegance and grace of yesteryear without the rust!

Riding a Pushbike Honey classic bike holds your body in a poised upright position (all the better for attracting appreciative glances) and provides the perfect wheels for summer escapism.The elegant vintage lines of the Honey Bee will get you noticed!
" Cycling in flip flops on a Sunday morning to get the papers sets the mood for the day - you cant beat that feeling"
Relaxed leisure cycling can ease the stresses and strains of everyday living. It opens your senses to your environment, awakens your enjoyment in life and some say it even improves your love life...

Get away from the burden of 9-5, spread your wings and take the time to connect with nature.

Recipe for Romance:
2 pushbikes,1 picnic ,Sunshine and the outdoor playground
Romance is better by pushbike!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Glamping with retro pushbikes

Fun and frolic's in Backyergardia

Anyone with a love of the countryside and a gaggle of teenagers will more than likely be contemplating the great outdoors this summer. Glamping is becoming a new way to while away idle hours planning, creating and spending to get that desired retro look!

With a spare few hours on Friday evening and a house full of charming if excitable teenagers we decided to Glamp in style this weekend, in Backyergardia (our hidden, exclusive gem).
The peace and tranquility of canvas and fresh air seemed the ideal solution to calm our gang.

Bliss in Backyergardia
Having the perfect surroundings, superb showers, cooking facilities and ample open fields we enjoyed a laid back weekend of fresh air and pushbike cycling without the need for travel! Any well respected camper knows the stress of 'tent up' on arrival, with fellow campers keeping a watchful, discerning eye. No pressure this Friday, when to our delight everyone joined in and helped unpack and set up...that's a first!

Ideal festival, party or summer holiday partner our Pushbikehoney retro tent easily sleeps 8 people and has the added advantage of height and an unzipable ground sheet.
Sleeping 'in the round' brings back happy childhood memories of campfires and outdoor sleeping. For one night it certainly did the trick and we soon succumbed to childish giggles and teenage banter.

Toasted marsh mellows, original 1930's bunting (family attic) superb retro pushbikes and country lanes provided one of the best weekends this year.
Thumbs up to Glamping!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Latitude Love - Share the Pushbike Passion!

Latitude Pushbike Passion
Latitude organisers are encouraging greener forms of transport to the festival site near Southwold - their aim to be one of the most environmentally-friendly festivals in the country.
Our Pushbikehoney corespondent: 'Lady on a Pushbike' is at the festival and reports:
" It's been a windy but warm start to the festival, we pitched up and soon got into the swing of things. Taking two wheels has been a huge bonus as you have to carry, yes LUG your tent etc to your pitch. We balanced ours on our retro pushbikes and felt like royalty. Pitching a tent in wind though- that's another story!

Now Latitude Festival organisers are holding an online competition to win a no-mudguards, no-frills, single-speed bicycle.Shame they haven't seen our sassy pushbikes and festival collection!

"Tom Jones at midnight - Flying knickers and fun!"
 - Love Latitude, love Southwold, Love pushbikehoney :-) x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Carry your stuff in style

Girls Bags - and the endless stuff we carry...
Well most of us have a secret passion for our handbag and who hasn't got more than one Kath Kidson 'bag for life' lurking in their cupboard?
I for one have an enormous selection of bags in every shape and size, carrying all the necessity's a girl requires from lip gloss to Cd's the list is endless. Like most of us taking to two wheels can put a strain on 'the handbag' need...
  • How do you carry it?
  • Can you buy stylish Bike Bags?

Pushbikehoney stocks BASIL bike bags which simply clip onto your bike rack and come in great retro designs.

I've cycled today using this bag and managed to carry my lunch, purse, brush, make-up bag, Filofax, DVD (to drop off later), my friends Sun Glasses, a bottle of water, my leather note book, a rainy day saddle cover and still had room for a pint of milk for the studio!

Panniers make great bags for life but don't end up cycling around with all those receipts, old sweets, kids toys etc - even bike bags need a clean out now and again!

Handbags can fit in most baskets and panniers - you may need an extra large basket just to show off your latest arm candy!

This summer I've been using plastic coated  bike basket bags on rainy days like today. It keeps my stuff dry and always looks good.
I've gone very retro rose today but tomorrow I have business meetings and will adjust my accessories to match...

...mmm maybe tomorrow I'll use the white laptop bag with my linen suit...
choices choices...

Monday, 12 July 2010

Rainy Day Cycling & Wet Weather Gear

First Frost, Stormy Weather, friends & Latte
After weeks of frosty weather I woke to English drizzle and grey sky...enough to dampen any commuter!
But after adding a rainy day saddle cover to my bike, and opting for a classic trench coat with cosy black boots I headed out. Remaining stylish and dry in wet muggy weather is a challenge on two wheels.
My journey, though splashy, was actually pleasant, firstly it was milder and secondly my saddle cover had saved me from the dreaded 'wet bottom' experience.

On arrival I was very rosy cheeked (face), wet booted, a spring in my step and cycle happy. The lap top was stored safe and dry in my panniers and all I needed to kick start the day was a large coffee...
Within minutes of sitting at my desk the text messages started;
"Just rode into work 4 first time and it's wet! Thanx love my saddle cover"
"Poncho kept me n' saddle dry n happy"
"So impressed - no wet patch- and my lunch kept dry too"
...and they keep coming in - its a great feeling to share the start of the day with more stormy weather blues...just which saddle cover to choose.....

We've got some great new designs to update your bike or just keep your saddle dry

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Do you believe in love at first cycle?

Hot in the saddle?

As more and more of us take to the saddle it's hardly surprising that a few admiring glances lead to new friends and romance. Getting out and about in this glorious weather is a must and if you're looking for love what better way than by pushbike?
Discover the beauty of riding and cruising on our classic pushbikes.

"It's like riding in a carriage, so different from a normal bike -
I glide everywhere and it holds my tummy in which is a huge benefit!"Amanda

Summer loving starts with our retro bikes in sassy colours or romantic His & Hers collection.
If you're looking to get a new pushbike, contact us for a free test ride - it may help your love life! Retro bikes, panniers, bike bags and accessories...