Friday, 16 July 2010

Latitude Love - Share the Pushbike Passion!

Latitude Pushbike Passion
Latitude organisers are encouraging greener forms of transport to the festival site near Southwold - their aim to be one of the most environmentally-friendly festivals in the country.
Our Pushbikehoney corespondent: 'Lady on a Pushbike' is at the festival and reports:
" It's been a windy but warm start to the festival, we pitched up and soon got into the swing of things. Taking two wheels has been a huge bonus as you have to carry, yes LUG your tent etc to your pitch. We balanced ours on our retro pushbikes and felt like royalty. Pitching a tent in wind though- that's another story!

Now Latitude Festival organisers are holding an online competition to win a no-mudguards, no-frills, single-speed bicycle.Shame they haven't seen our sassy pushbikes and festival collection!

"Tom Jones at midnight - Flying knickers and fun!"
 - Love Latitude, love Southwold, Love pushbikehoney :-) x

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