Monday, 12 July 2010

Rainy Day Cycling & Wet Weather Gear

First Frost, Stormy Weather, friends & Latte
After weeks of frosty weather I woke to English drizzle and grey sky...enough to dampen any commuter!
But after adding a rainy day saddle cover to my bike, and opting for a classic trench coat with cosy black boots I headed out. Remaining stylish and dry in wet muggy weather is a challenge on two wheels.
My journey, though splashy, was actually pleasant, firstly it was milder and secondly my saddle cover had saved me from the dreaded 'wet bottom' experience.

On arrival I was very rosy cheeked (face), wet booted, a spring in my step and cycle happy. The lap top was stored safe and dry in my panniers and all I needed to kick start the day was a large coffee...
Within minutes of sitting at my desk the text messages started;
"Just rode into work 4 first time and it's wet! Thanx love my saddle cover"
"Poncho kept me n' saddle dry n happy"
"So impressed - no wet patch- and my lunch kept dry too"
...and they keep coming in - its a great feeling to share the start of the day with more stormy weather blues...just which saddle cover to choose.....

We've got some great new designs to update your bike or just keep your saddle dry

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