Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Glamping with retro pushbikes

Fun and frolic's in Backyergardia

Anyone with a love of the countryside and a gaggle of teenagers will more than likely be contemplating the great outdoors this summer. Glamping is becoming a new way to while away idle hours planning, creating and spending to get that desired retro look!

With a spare few hours on Friday evening and a house full of charming if excitable teenagers we decided to Glamp in style this weekend, in Backyergardia (our hidden, exclusive gem).
The peace and tranquility of canvas and fresh air seemed the ideal solution to calm our gang.

Bliss in Backyergardia
Having the perfect surroundings, superb showers, cooking facilities and ample open fields we enjoyed a laid back weekend of fresh air and pushbike cycling without the need for travel! Any well respected camper knows the stress of 'tent up' on arrival, with fellow campers keeping a watchful, discerning eye. No pressure this Friday, when to our delight everyone joined in and helped unpack and set up...that's a first!

Ideal festival, party or summer holiday partner our Pushbikehoney retro tent easily sleeps 8 people and has the added advantage of height and an unzipable ground sheet.
Sleeping 'in the round' brings back happy childhood memories of campfires and outdoor sleeping. For one night it certainly did the trick and we soon succumbed to childish giggles and teenage banter.

Toasted marsh mellows, original 1930's bunting (family attic) superb retro pushbikes and country lanes provided one of the best weekends this year.
Thumbs up to Glamping!

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