Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Its a beautiful day

Today the sunlight has a beautiful warm tone that makes my daily commute a delight; especially when I can take a slow amble through the park before whizzing once more past all those stationary cars...

Time out
Heading off this morning after the normal mad morning 'rush hour' at home (a gaggle of Teens to get out of the door with school bags, sports kits, bikes etc) I decided I needed some 'time out' before heading into the office.

Taking the slow road
Cycling through Town I take the time to chose the 'slow road' - a walk through the local park.
The contrast between the busy streets and the refreshing gardens is welcoming. I stop, get off my bike and WALK - something that to be honest doesn't happen that often as I am almost stuck to the pedals! The Flowerbeds are getting new stock, the bells are chiming and the start of the day feels really rather special...and already I've forgotten that mad parent 'rush hour' and feel refreshed and content.

This morning I take time to visit the Ducks - rather moody as no bread in my basket today! but still interested enough to make me smile. They have found a puddle to use as a makeshift bath and despite peoples attention refuse to move even for bikes and buggies.
Of course stuck in a car its difficult to see that cycling offers such freedom but as I whizz by I know I am giving both my mind and body a well being blitz that is the best way to kick start the day. read more>

The High Life
I've decided theres really nothing wrong in making the most of your commute. I've learnt over the last years that going by bike offers me far more choices. For instance I can stop by the Coffee Bar and meet up with friends, pick up the paper or lunch on the way or just take some essential 'time out' to destress, evaluate and plan the day ahead.

Here's to the cycle to work scheme! read more>
Long may you commute by bike
Use the Green Gym - it's FREE read more>

Go Green Go By Bike...and feel all the better for it!

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