Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Looking Good & Feeling Great :)

Still looking for an energising programme that will transform your shapeFrom Boyfriend to Curvy - a pushbike fits all...

If like me you're the first to speed read new weight loss programmes whilst slowly demolishing the last few biscuits; you'll love our theory on a healthier, leaner lifestyle...

Wellbeing and Cycling go hand in hand

Waking up energised and feeling 'on top of the world' has been an added bonus to me. Don't get me wrong I don't dress in Lycra or 'spin' miles; my approach is to simply cycle and walk when the day fits.
Now I actually notice the buds on the trees, feel the sunlight on my face;, look out for the snow clouds. I feel in tune with life and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

The Facts
A recent UK study showed that cycling for just 30mins a day could burn over 11lb of fat a year *- good news then for commuters! ...and for those of us on the 'leisurely road to fitness' a little excercise each day not only boosts our aerobic fitness but helps keep us trim.

Mixing low impact exercise like walking and cycling will keep you going. I find it's easier to meet up with a friend. That way you can keep up to date socially, have a good laugh and improve your longevity - it's a win win situation!

Cycling at 90
It's not everyday you meet a real gentleman, and not every day you share a story with someone who has loved cycling since the second world war. This chap first started cycling a Dutch bike in 1943 and is one of our pushbikehoney fans! He commented on the style and quality of our hand-crafted Honey Bee: "I hav'nt seen a bike made like this for years - she's a beauty- a classic bicycle"

Give yourself the gift of a healthier pedal at a time :) with


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