Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Keep Calm and Pedal On!

Osborne has tightened our belts but some good old fashioned lifestyle medicine may be just what the doctor ordered...pedal power can help us keep fit, reduce carbon emissions, reduce our fuel bill and support wellbeing.

This week is Bike To Work Week and to celebrate I have the enviable task of cycling a different pushbike every day. Yesterday evening I lugged home the first weekly shop; which let me tell you can be cumbersome when you have two teenage boys! My journey home was faster (must be the added weight) and easier than I anticipated. I used Blue Blossom Panniers with the insert chill bags and our traditional Holkham wicker Basket.

Todays Ride: Dannenborg 3 speed in stunning Fire Engine Red.
She's the ultimate luxury cruise; a vision of gloss red and chrome her retro details are eyecatching. An easy pushbike to manage she's lightweight and great in traffic. I certainly got alot of attention on this bike, a real eye catcher!
Simple Sturmey Archer Gears with a retro Dynamo light and Drum Brakes.

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