Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bike Bags
We stock the largest selection of bike bags in retro designs and sassy colours. Our retro bike bags and Basil Bags are the latest Chic find for today's cyclist.

We first fell in love with Basil Bags on a cycling break in Holland. Not only are they made from washable and water resistant material but they also come in a wealth of colours and designs.

From pretty panniers to shoppers the Basil Bike Bag range offers something for everyone. As a family we all use these bags to carry shopping, books and kit to work, school or college and recommend them as a good buy. View on You Tube>

The double bike bags have straps to fit under your kids bike seat allowing you to carry nappy bags, school bags and more...just the thing for the school run.

We have a charming range of bike bags for kids too. With plenty of zipped pockets and adjustable shoulder straps in washable and water resistant fabrics.

Beautiful Blooms
By far the most popular design our red and blue Basil Blossom Bike Bags have a sense of Rembrandt about them. We also stock matching Rainy Day Saddle Covers so you can ride in style despite the weather.

Carol Turner, Physio and Mum of two, chooses our Red Blossom Bike Bag to suit her daily commute to the NHS and busy life in town. "On more than one night I'll stop for shopping and the adjustable straps really do help squeeze in those extras"

 Accessories make a great opportunity to add a splash of colour and personality to your bike It's time to follow your heart and ditch those boring panniers!

Bags of style
Use our chill bags to keep food fresh or warm. These fit snugly into our range of Basil Bags and make shopping by bike easy. Simply lift the chill bag into your shopping trolley, shop and pop back into the bike bag - easy.
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How do I fit a Bike Bag?
Watch our simple guide on You-Tube View on You Tube>

About us
We are an English Independent Cycling Company based just outside Cambridge and are, we believe, to be the first on line women's lifestyle Cycling Emporium; bringing traditional classic style and fun into the cycling world.
We believe the UK is ready to make a commitment to cycling, not just to Lycra and exercise but to everyday use and transportation...and its high time we had some fun on our wheels!

Pushbikehoney can help you breath new life to your old wheels - add a new bell, or saddle - pimp your ride and enjoy the benefits of lifestyle cycling!

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