Monday, 6 June 2011

Bike Q and As

Question & Answers
This week were publishing some of the questions our customers asked at our successful 'open house weekend' event - we think they will help you find the right gift or accessory this season.

Id like to buy a bag that can carry my college files and more - can you help? I'm a mature student and don't want anything too 'Barbie'
Our classic range by Basil includes a waxed cotton/linen and leather college bag which takes A4 folders and has plenty of room for books. The Blossom Basil Bike Bags are popular with commuters and students they hold A4 folders and are roomy enough to take plenty of college books - justy make sure you balance the load!

I'm in the market for a new commuter bike - I travel around 5-7 miles a day and want something that can help me do the family shop
If you need a robust yet elegant bike for your commute we suggest our own brand The Honey Bee. Its pretty curves and strong frame allows you to add panniers, bike bags and baskets. You can choose between 3 and 7 speed shimano gears to suit your terrain.
Recomemnded by Pilates Teacher 'Bonk' the Honey Bee provides the ultimate support for riding ensuring low impact riding and an upright riding position.
The Honey Bee also has retro dynamo lights and is very low maintenace.

My daughter's just started riding a junior bike to school and I can't find a wicker basket to fit - do you know where I could find a suitable basket please?
Take a look at our handmade Nantucket Wicker Baskets. Available in pretty colours they are small enough for junior handlebars and have lovely leather straps. You can personalise the basket with one of our brass plaques or add a clip on flower for fun.

I'm taking my bike to a couple of festivals this year - what do you suggest I do to brighten my bike this year?
Summer Festivals are a great excuse to have some fun with your bike.Our best sellers are the supersized I Love my Bike Ding Dong bells and the statement Leopard Skin Saddle and Grips.
Adding flowers, fur trims and stramers to your basket is a great way to update your bike. Mix and match with your accessories for an individual look.

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