Friday, 23 July 2010

Out of the office with Pushbike Honey

A grown up love affair

Imagine a romantic tete a' tete, a picnic on the beach, midnight cycling, lazy pedalling to your favourite little restaurant or an alfresco dinner for two...
At my age I should know better, but the allure of a retro pushbike, some free time and fresh air after a hard week in the office is too seductive..

When was the last time you felt the grass between your toes or cycled barefoot along a forgotten track?

Retro Romance is the latest lifestyle Fashion. A sort of shabby chic meets Mills & Boon on two wheels. Pushbike Honey Classic Pushbikes, and Dutch bikes have all the elegance and grace of yesteryear without the rust!

Riding a Pushbike Honey classic bike holds your body in a poised upright position (all the better for attracting appreciative glances) and provides the perfect wheels for summer escapism.The elegant vintage lines of the Honey Bee will get you noticed!
" Cycling in flip flops on a Sunday morning to get the papers sets the mood for the day - you cant beat that feeling"
Relaxed leisure cycling can ease the stresses and strains of everyday living. It opens your senses to your environment, awakens your enjoyment in life and some say it even improves your love life...

Get away from the burden of 9-5, spread your wings and take the time to connect with nature.

Recipe for Romance:
2 pushbikes,1 picnic ,Sunshine and the outdoor playground
Romance is better by pushbike!

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